Child Care

Early childhood educational and development efforts are critical for helping children enjoy health, confidence and success later in life.

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Healthy Meals

Healthy eating helps children learn, play, grow and develop. The eating habits children learn carry over into adulthood.

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Active Learning

We can encourage this curiosity and make the most of this need to move and explore as they plan active learning experiences.

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Following CDC guidance, we have enhanced our already vigorous health and safety procedures to ensure:

Taking Temperatures Upon Arrival

No one (child or staff) are permitted inside the building with a temperature of 100.4 or above.

Limited Building Access

To help maintain social distancing, parents/guardians check in at the front door. Visitors and vendors are not permitted in the building.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Practices in place to include, handwashing and sanitizing toys, any/all surfaces, playgrounds, common areas.  High traffic areas are cleaned and sanitized to include, railings, door knobs/handles, faucets, light switches, doors, etc.

Wellness Checks

Periodic wellness checks are done throughout the day to ensure that our families are staying healthy while in the building.


We’re real people in your community who care about offering safe, high-quality care and education for your child.